Keeping your Industrial
Athletes in the Game

Preventing the vulnerabilities that lead to muscular stress, strains, aches, and pains for industrial and workplace athletes!

Our 3 Pillars


With our early vulnerability detection and injury prevention program, we are able to significantly reduce the downstream negative impacts of an injury that could have been eliminated. We help your workplace athletes improve their durabillity and overall wellness, and improve retention.


Clocking into work doesn’t mean just another day at the office for those in the field, on the floor, or in the office for that matter. Just like when a vehicle’s “check engine” light comes on, the human body does the same thing with those little aches and pains. As “mechanics for the human body” ADAPT’s Industrial Athlete Specialists are truly focused on early symptom intervention to catch those early warning signs because they can often escalate recovery in just days versus weeks.


As a result of our Industrial Athlete system, you and your team’s quality of life increases significantly, as do their productivity and lifetime longevity as they lower pain and reduce stress and strains before they are injured, instead of focusing on the injury afterward.

The Problem

MSD-related injuries can have a significant impact on your business.
*In 2003, $13-20 Billion was spent on MSDs alone.
$ 0 K
Average Cost of
A Wrist Strain
$ 0 K
Average Cost of
A Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel
0 Days
Average Lost
Work Days per MSD
0 %
Of MSD Cases Result in 31+ Lost Days

$1 out of $3

In MSDs Workers Compensation.


Total MSDs Reported Annually


Of MSD Are Related to Over-Exertion or Repetitive Motion

The Solution

Our primary goals are to benefit employees in their day-to-day lives and have a positive impact on the business through improving those critical KPI’s.

Company Benefits 

We help businesses achieve financial success by minimizing recordable injuries and DART frequency which result in reduced worker’s compensation claimsand total costs.

Worker/Athlete Benefits 

The Industrial Athletics Program is specifically designed for you, your body, your business, and your goals for people who seek to improve employee physical health, and mental wellness, and increase mobility, retention, and safety. 

About The Program

These Sequences Are Grouped Into 3 Stages:

  1. Shift Preparation (3-5 minutes)
  2. Reset (1-2 minutes) 
  3. End of Shift (2-3 minutes)
We range from certified personal trainers working on-site that focus on reducing vulnerabilities that ultimately lead to injury by treating hard workers like the athletes they are! 

How We Help

Employees will feel a huge overall improvement in their quality of life, from reducing issues in the neck, upper back, shoulder, and arm that are rooted due to lack of range of motion of the shoulder blade. The lower back, hip, knee, and ankle injuries are similar to the upper body injuries as they have a single root due to the lack of independent range of motion of the hips.

Get back to being more active outside of work! 

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