Job Hardening

Our individualized program will have your assigned trainer will devise tasks that are suited to your specific return-to-work needs.

This will be dependent upon the nature of your condition, your medical history, the physical demands of your job, and your level of recovery.

Return To Work

As a result of ADAPT’s program, businesses benefit both their athletes and their company’s quality of life overall. It also increases engagement, retention, productivity, longevity, and much more in addition to reducing pain.

The Early Prevention Program

This program improves employees’ quality of life by reducing the number of soft tissue and Musculoskeletal injuries suffered on the job. 

Saves Time & Energy

The Industrial Athlete Program  

We can create pre-shift dynamic warm-ups and job conditioning. This pre-shift stretching regimen, drawn from athlete-proven pre-game routines, keeps your workers fit and your company running smoothly.

Teach to lead team in safety prevention

Durability & Corrective Exercise Program 

We offer pilot program options to see if an on-site program will be beneficial for your company in both reducing injuries and creating an ROI.


Company benefits from employee happiness & care 

Train-The-Trainer Program

Depending on the location, and goals. ADAPT’s services range from certified personal trainers working on-site three or four times a week to having a trainer come out for a reinforcement education session once per month. 

As CEOs of the industry being coachable and adaptable shows integrity and leadership. 

General Fitness

The movements that will improve overall company security.

Shift Preparation

The shift preparation movements may take three to five minutes before work begins and are meant to set the body up to function properly throughout the day.


In the “secret sauce”, the reset movements may take one to two minutes and can be done one to several times a day as needed during the shift.  This sequence is meant to help workers quickly readjust their bodies while out in the field to hit the body’s “reset” button and reestablish the ideal joint position.

End Of Shift Movements

The end-of-shift movements may take two to three minutes at the end of the workday and are devised to undo any uneven muscular fatigue experienced throughout the day.

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